Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Photo Season

I'm looking forward to the coming months for the following reasons...
1. Tax season will be over and Duke (my accountant husband) and I are planning a camp-out at the beach, just the two of us.
2. Once a month they have two-dollar Tuesdays at the Portland zoo.
3. This will be the first spring that we have our own backyard to throw barbecues.
4. I have a couple gift-cards from my baby-shower to spend.
5. It's family picture season, and oh, how I love families and taking pictures of them.
Mia and her babies broke me in on the season on Saturday. You may remember that Mia knits the most beautiful things and made a hat and sweater for Fitz. Photography is my talent to give.
There are so many good things coming. I can feel it.

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Rachel said...

Gosh I love Mia and her beautiful family! BTW, you've been awarded the Beautiful Blogger Award. Congratulations!!