Monday, April 5, 2010

great "glasses" party idea.

Credit for these ideas goes to Rachel of "Playing House" which we adore. Her little Lily, only two-and-a-half years old, now needs to wear full-time, prescription glasses. So to help the transition into wearing them go smoothly, they threw a "glasses party!"
Here are some of the great things we did:
1. Every guest got to help blow out the heavily candled cake (that happened to be wearing glasses). Rachel even lit it twice for the kids, because we all know that's the best part of any party. Notice; even the milk-cartons were wearing glasses.
2. Each child brought a favorite stuffed animal and we made glasses for them from the items-formally-known-as -pipe-cleaners.
3. Rachel put out a bunch of coloring books and markers for us to draw glasses on the characters.
4. By the end, all the kids wanted to have cool glasses like Lily, so the mommies had fun fashioning stylish pairs for their kiddos.
This was an absolutely fabulous party! If we ever encounter a need for spectacles, we will surely celebrate!


emily said...

i would love to learn to make these pipe cleaner glasses. i want those green ones :)

Feainnewedd said...

That is such a wonderful idea :)

Love all the pictures, and will perhaps steal this for whenever a little human in my life needs to celebrate glasses/or something along those lines <3

Rach said...

wouldn't have been a party with out you guys there, glad we could celebrate together!

ps-did you like how Chad disappeared later? he said there was way too much estrogen flowing in one room for him:) next glasses party, we'll plan it for after tax season so matt can join.

Glo said...

What a great idea to celibrate an even that can be a challenge. I got my first pair when I was 5. It was hard, but very worth it to see.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great idea!!!