Monday, April 26, 2010

meet our new swivel chairs

Some sweet friends of ours gave us a couple of lovely chairs for our home and, without even realizing, solved a problem I've been working on.

We've got an interesting room with a divided space; one half for socializing, and the other for loafing about. We need seating for both, but I'm tired of moving our couch back and forth.
So I faced them toward the couch and we've got ourselves a cozy sitting area that says, "come in and stay a while."
HA, they swivel! I ran through all sorts of options in my head including double-sided couches and armies of chairs, but nothing I could think of holds a candle to these lovely, rose beauties.
To help them to fit in stylistically, I just added a couple of pink roses in my silk-flower displays.
Problem solved! Thanks Dave and Judy, for providing the answer to this mystery!


Domesticated-Bliss said...

wow! that is a perfect solution!

*Lesli* said...

cute room!!