Monday, April 26, 2010

name that street.

While walking around downtown Salem, Oregon on Saturday, I fell into one memory after another. Monuments of my past jumped out at me, welcoming me home.

Then I thought it would be fun to see if anybody knows this place. So here it is Salemites, name that street!
"It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood," I sing while I exchange my blazer for a cozy sweater. "Let's make the most of this beautiful day." I carry on my tune, meanwhile tying the laces on my comfy sneakers. "Won't you be mine, won't you be mine, won't you be my neighbor?"
I hope you have fun playing my little game, and that the special landmarks of your life wink when you walk by.


emily said...

hmm wish i knew... whatever the street is, it's lovely and i want to visit. is your camera a nikon d90? fancy, fancy. just curious :)

Megan Marie said...

Yup! D90 it is. :)

you can call me aunt choody said...

oh oh oh, it starts with a c... capitol? no no, court street!

Margaret said...

I know what that street that is (not the name though)!!! One of my favorites in Salem. The Governors Cup and Ventis are my favorite places to go:)