Thursday, April 15, 2010

Strike on Sickness

We've all had colds that just won't quit. And I'm sure your house has been a snot-factory, too. When Iggy heard that his Grandma Re was in the hospital with bronchitis, it was the last straw. He decided to go on strike.
I'm going to have to explain to him that declaring "anarchy" is not a good strike method.
Because mom is "the man" who ends up with the mess on her hands. And those germs that are really to blame didn't learn their lesson.
Perhaps a simpler way to explain this sort of reckless behavior would be to pass it off as "cabin fever." But then there's another sickness we've caught that just won't get lost!


Lacey said...

Oh Megan! What a kicker. Hope Grandma Re feels better soon and yes, you're right, our house too has been a bogie factory. Plus, Trystan's cutting teeth.... ugh!

Brieanna said...

Is he naked? I think it's hilarious that instead of telling him no, you take pictures. Kids being kids, I suppose. I guess he knows where you guys hide the "good stuff."

Megan Marie said...

He is so naked. I can't really get too mad when it's my own fault for not paying attention. :)