Friday, April 23, 2010

teach them to walk.

We eagerly await the day they take their first steps. We hold their hands and guide them. We encourage them onward with kind words, and maybe a candy-reward or favorite toy. We teach them to walk.
When I think about the kind of people I hope they become, I imagine selfless hearts and kind eyes.
So for now, I'm holding their hands. I held their hands as we walked to visit our neighbors, bearing cupcake gifts.
While we sat, chatting for a time, I know the boys were learning.
I could see their worlds expanding as they looked over family pictures and dear treasures, belonging to these darling women.
Upon leaving, our neighbors gave the boys delicious suckers. For now, the rewards help motivate them. Wobbling, they take one step. Then another.
I remember teaching them to walk.

Now, we're teaching them to walk in the light.


Brieanna said...

Did you know these ladies or were they just random neighbors? What a wonderful gesture either way.

Megan Marie said...

We met a couple of months ago, when we first moved in to our new place. I've been over a couple of times on my own to visit. Dee and Debbie. And Dee's daughter Laurey and granddaughter Mechelle live there, too. Sweetest women ever! :)

Bridget said...

your stroller is adorable.