Tuesday, May 18, 2010

camping for family night.

There were so many reasons not to spend the night camping on the floor of the playroom last night.
1. Duke and I would miss our evening ritual of watching 30 Rock and eating 4th meal.
2. I probably wouldn't be able to get up before the boys to shower and tidy up.
3. Duke would have to be extra sneaky leaving for work in the morning, not to rouse us all.
4. Neither of us felt really excited at the prospect of aching backs and necks all the next day.
I am so glad that we did it anyway.

Above is a picture of Duke pretending to be a "dad-er-pillar" who was hungry for little kids. We stayed up entirely too late telling a never-ending-bedtime-story about three knights that were tracking a giant across the country.

I love breaking the routine sometimes to remind myself not to take everything so seriously.
Oh, and this picture of Iggy and I reminded me so much of this photo of my sister Tamsin and me, taken about ten years ago after we'd spent the night camping out together, that I just had to post them side-by-side.
We can be adventurous if we'd like, you know. All of us. Me. You. Everybody.


emily said...

i love this. thanks for helping me remember the fun of spontaneity :)

Linzi said...

Haha! A dad-er-pillar....hilarious! Thanks for the giggle :)

Carrie said...

so, so cute! love the dad-er-pillar. : )

TheUnSoccerMom said...

you're making so many great memories for your kids.... and the Dad-er-pillar is the best thing I've heard all week!! love it!

Megan said...

This is the best family night I've ever heard!