Monday, May 10, 2010

a few mother's day highs.

1. The boys got me a piano. Never-mind that I picked it up thrift-shopping; my kids told me I could like it, and my husband and father and brother and two other strong guys hauled it into the house for me.
2. We took the front off of it and watched the hammers work as we played. Magical, I tell you.
3. Nobody in our household is a proficient player, but Duke and I are sure having fun playing heart-and soul over-and-over together.
4. Oh, did I mention that I love playing pretend? Well, I do. I had too much fun playing dress-up this mother's-day weekend.
5. My best girls played with me.
6. My mom (who, on Saturday, I accidently called "honey" and then corrected myself, calling her "mommy" which I haven't called her since I was five) spent abundant time with me this weekend. And isn't she the most beautiful woman you've ever seen?
7. Amanda came down to be silly with me. We became good friends when we were both newly-weds (and I mean NEW-ly, as in each about 2 weeks married) and we've not seen each other in some time. Love this girl. And talk about celebrating motherhood, she's pregnant with her first and due in a few weeks. And the most gorgeous pregnant woman.
8. AND Duke got me a book by my favorite author; Deiter F. Uchtdorf. Plus, he microwaved pizza for me on Sunday morning because he knows that my FAVORITE breakfast is left-overs from the night before.
It's good to be a mom.

Actually, I'm not done with my list. I was going to wrap it up but I've just a couple more things.

9. Looking at my sleeping baby early Sunday morning, I realized what an honor it is to call myself a mother, and how even with out all the fun festivities and recognition, I can be proud of me.

10. God gave me so much peace yesterday. Thanks be to Him for the sweetness that is my life.

And now, I am finished.


Laura said...

Happy Mothers Day to you! You're such a cool mom.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Your blog is simply great!

emily said...

you seem like a fantastic mom. really. and you are really gorgeous doing it. the piano really fits well in your house and you look so FAB in your dress-up garb. love, love it all.

prettybaby said...

what a charming piano! i would love a piano right now as i am teaching myself to play (via online course)

and your photo shoot is sensational! xx

Whitney Lane said...

That piano is beautiful... I've been thinking about surprising my husband with a piano and this is convincing me to just go for it. I love the black!!

Thanks so so much for your sweet comments on my blog the other day. It was a very rough day for several reasons, and when I saw them at the end of the day they were such a high spot. So thank you!

Last, I absolutely LOVE the dress up pics (what a gorgeous Mama you have!). Did you make your necklace?

Megan Marie said...

I did make my necklace.

I found these great retro plastic-wreaths at a thrift store for a dollar, and I took one apart and glued it back together. I added the chains on the bottom, and used a ribbon for the tie. :)

Brieanna said...

A piano is a necessary accoutrement for any household. Alas, I have a lowly keyboard, but at least it has a grand piano setting. A musical instrument is a must, even if you can't play, it inspires the idea to play, and that's half the battle. I call Ella the maestro, she is obsessed with the keyboard, which gets me very excited about the prospect of her wanting to become a concert pianist or wanting to just learn how to play.

Whitney Lane said...

You're a genius.

Fata verde said...

The piano is simply beautiful. The look of it, the sound of it, and the ideea of owning one. I love that it's a thrifted one!! Have fun with it :)

ps: and the silly girl photos...lovely! wish I lived closer to you...

Chasey and Cash said...

Happy Mother's Day!

I only know you from your blog...but you are a great mother! :)

TheUnSoccerMom said...

LOVE the piano! I should get the one I have tuned....