Thursday, May 20, 2010


When I was learning how to read and write, I decided that furniture was a good place to practice my penmanship.
Knowing full-well that I would get into trouble, I thought I'd better not leave any clues that it was me.
So I carved my little brother's name onto every square inch of a bedroom dresser.
Yesterday my brother and his lovely wife stopped by with the most splendid sampling of sweets. (We're talking doughnuts, hot coco, marshmallows, frosted cookies, and fudge wafers.) The kids went absolutely hog-wild.

And Aunt Brie, in the fashion of any intelligent instigator of mischief, made sure to cover her tracks by writing my brother's name on the kitchen table with rolled wafers.
I love that woman.

Isn't family the absolute best?


Glo said...

It makes me want to come and play. I haven't played in a while. What could be better... Sweet company...sweet eats... sweet stories... and sweet memories in the making. I'm glad you all have eachother to love. I'm glad that I love you all, too. Lucky, Lucky, Lucky!

Liz said...

I did the exact same thing - only I carved my little sister's name onto the front of our piano. It was terribly neat so an immediate giveaway that it wasn't her!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I have a brother that I gladly blamed things on... I'm so thankful to have him in my life still...

And yes, family is the absolute best!

Megan said...

haha I love that you wrote your brother's name! I also wrote on furniture, but I wasn't that clever :)

Brieanna said...

I had so much fun visiting with you. You are a breath of fresh air and the boys are amazing. I love you all so much. We will have to do it again soon. Oh and I've been thinking a lot about carpe diem, thanks for the reminder. Meg, you are an absolutely beautiful individual, and I am so proud to be apart of the family.