Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the back burner

I'm pretty sure that I was one of those girls in high school that said things like, "I hate drama" while I secretly craved an upset in the social scene, just to keep things interesting.

I'm pretty sure it's usually the girls who say things like, "I hate drama" that tend to be the cause of most theatrics.

Although I've changed in so many ways, I still notice this tendency in myself, manifest subtly in the comings and goings of our family.

(Family in town. Hanging with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents.)

The second we get a bit of peace and quiet, I start to get stir-crazy.

(Birthday parties galore.)

I start frantically making commitments to all sorts of causes.

(Swimming. Fountains. Sprinklers.)

I start going on so many outings that I fill my camera's memory card with hundreds of photos every day.

(Babysitting three extra kids.)

Eventually I overbook myself to the point that I flip out under all the pressure.

(Babysitting three extra kids, a lot.)

Pressure that I caused, of course.

(Chilling with my little sister.)

Well, I feel a snap coming.

(Increasing my freckle quantity.)

Not because I haven't been having an absolutely amazing time being far too busy.

(Popsicle play-dates.)

But because being far too busy will inevitably cause the back-burner effect.

(Dressing up like robots.)

Yes, the blog finds its way on the back-burner, which means that I've stopped taking the necessary time to reflect and regroup.

(Home-repairs and bedazzlement.)

But more importantly, I start to neglect poor Duke. He's eaten nothing but canned ravioli and cereal for the past week. I have barely had a chance to look at him in the eyes. And you can bet there's been a serious lack of kissing around here.

(Duke cleaning a whole pitcher of spilled kool-aid.)

I had a lot more posts planned for these (and many more) pictures. However, you all get the abridged version. Now I'm off to get looking presentable before Duke comes home for his lunch break.

(The beginning of an ant problem.)

I feel as if nurturing a great love will become harder and harder as life becomes more chaotic.

Any suggestions?


emily said...

i wish i had suggestions. i feel like there is always one thing that really suffers (on the back burner). i try to not let that be ben or my health. sometimes it takes a 5 minute rest or a 5 minute catch up session with your lover.
time is money i always say and that's probably why i'm always running out of money :)
this is a great post (as always). blogging does help me reflect and put things in perspective. and admire for a moment what we've done. or what i've done.

Lauren said...

Date night in after the kids go to bed.

Brieanna said...

It always comes back to choices, that's how I feel anyway. I say take a day off, choose one day a week to spend just with the boys, no plans, just relax and enjoy the quiet moments. Do things that require quiet contemplation, tell stories in a whisper, play classical music all day, let your mind and body take a rest.
It's funny, I'm so analytical that besides my above suggestion, I always think, ask yourself why? Why does the calmness make you stir crazy? Is there something you're running away from, something you do not wish to face? It doesn't have to be that complicated but I always ask myself these sorts of questions. What is really going on? Is there something I'm missing? We're such emotional creatures and it is important to take the time to experience what's going on underneath the surface instead of remaining so busy in order to ignore it. Not that you're doing that, but it's just food for thought. Love you Meg, hopefully this helps, you're amazing!!!

Megan Marie said...

Thank you all for the suggestions!

Brie, I love that you reminded me to take a closer look! I do get so completely caught up, and usually there is more to it all. On Monday when I showed up at home with both of my sisters for a sleep-over Matt asked me if I was trying to avoid him. Sad, huh? So, good news is he's taking me on a date tonight, just us, to see a base-ball game! Thanks, sis.

Rach said...

You got me.

but this made me think of you and our craft date tomorrow:

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Hi there! I am a fairly new follower though I feel guilty calling myself that as I guess you could say I have been a secret admirer for awhile now, I just haven't introduced myself!

This is so true! I feel this "backburner effect" right now as well! My poor hubby! But at least we are doing all these projects and adventures together. I think this long weekend is a great time for us both to just crash, relax, and enjoy! Have a wonderful weekend and charge up your batteries! :)

Trapper and Suzy said...

We want to continuously show our love and devotion to our family, but we also want to feel content and satisfied by filling our own desires. I find myself at odds with this balance all the time. My poor hubby tends to get pushed down on the list of priorities and I feel bad. I mean, if I want to show my love to him, all I really have to do is clean the bathrooms or keep the bed made up each day. That's just how he feels loved. It's so simple, yet so difficult 'cause those are two things I hate doing the most.

Jackie said...

I loved the picture of you increasing your freckly quantity, happens to me too! But who doesn't love freckles?
As for marriage advice...maybe we should just ask our hubbies exactly what they need. They probably know is hard to maintain a love but so important as you know. I would hate to find myself married to a stranger when the kids all leave home. So we keep at it, some days are not as good as others, but we must keep trying. We must.
I love your blog by the way!