Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beauty marks.

The other night I had such an interesting dream;

I was standing with a group of people when two women slumped gingerly up behind me.

One of the women held her friend around her shoulders, restraining her from running away.

Confused, I asked, "what can I do for you?"

The more bold of the women gestured toward the friend she held in place, saying...

"She would like to shake your hand."

I held my hand out with a welcoming grin to match.

The shy woman whispered, "I have warts" and showed me her blemished hands.

"We all have warts!" I exclaimed, grabbing both her hands and squeezing them tightly.

I then awoke.

Sometimes I hide the things about myself that I do not like. I do not wear shorts because I have pretty crazy vericose veins on my left leg. My opaque stockings are more than a fashion statement; they are a cover-up. I wear a sports bra over my regular bra every day to make my chest seem smaller. When I take pictures of my own hands, I try to take them left handed so that my right hand is in the picture. My left thumb is slightly shorter than my right thumb.

Not to say we should all start sporting our bare stretch marks. I just mean this; we all have warts.

I had a campout the other night with mostly teenagers. I was amazed at the beauty in each of them. No two were alike, though there were even twins present. This got me thinking about my dream.

We all can find the warts in ourselves. But can we all find the beauty marks?

They are there. I promise.

If you need help finding your beauty, drop me an email. I will look through your blog and help you to see.

I love you, my sisters.


Lacey said...

ok meg, do me.... I'd love to see how you see me :D

Vashti said...

I wear push up bras to make my chest seem bigger! So funny the things that we do not like about ourselves. I love this post!

Jess Corcoran said...

wow, i follow your blog but i don't know you. if 15 and this just really makes me think :) x

while you were a away said...

Love this post! I love to see the would through your eyes, beautiful.

leigh said...

How fun...if you promise not to laugh at my warts then I'll let you search for my beauty marks.

What a sweet idea. Come on over to...

Trapper and Suzy said...

I was just thinking about your "beauty mark" today. You have such a way with words and creating such beautiful stories. I want to be able to leave something just as beautiful in the world, even if it's not public, like on a blog. I'd love for you to look at mine and tell me what my beauty mark is. You're such a sweet person.

ulyadd said...

Your insights amaze me. I used to have a beauty mark, and I still have a birth mark. The beauty mark was on my left cheek, near my eye, and the birthmark is a very slight darkened pigmentation on my left wrist. I was always so self conscious of the birthmark, until the beauty mark faded away. Which was the most important? The flaw. Easier to see.
How I wish I could have learned earlier to appreciate the good in all, overlooking the flaws, which we all have, no matter how slight. Your wisdom and appreciation of beauty and birthmarks is will received, appreciated, and respected.
with love to you!
Scott's mom

Rach said...

LOVE this post, so well written, we really do have a wonderful group of girls in our ward.

Lawther family said...

Megan, You amaze me. Your wisdom and grace are in everything you do. You paint a picture with your words and bring us all into the world you see. If only I had a way with words as you do. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and letting us view your world. You are a truely blessed soul.
love ya

aproapealb said...

Thank you very much! >:D<

Liz said...

I've followed you for a while and can see both your physical and inner beauty, but am stunned that your gorgeous coloured tights are to cover up veins, even though I won't wear shorts for the exact same reason!

I sometimes wonder if the darkness in the world seeks to hide our beauty and stop us from seeing it in ourselves and when others tell us we're beautiful. I know I can't always see it.

Thank-you for ever-lovely words! x

Brieanna said...

Wonderful. We all have to come to the realization that our warts are our beauty marks. I used to over analyze my imperfections until I looked at them one day and said to myself, I love them, I love me, they are apart of the very special and unique person that I am. There are so many wonderful things about you and I big chest is not a wart honey, women pay for those things.
Love you

Eden Ruth said...

So I must admit:

I have been following your blog closely for a few months. I stumbled upon it very early into my fledgling blogging career. It has inspired me constantly. Just tonight I turned to my boyfriend and said O I just love her!

I am not sure if this is the right thing to do but I feel like thanking you. So Thank you very much for your blog. :)

Audrey @ said...

Ever time I am on your blog I cant help but feel better about whatever else has happened in my life... thank you for always being sooo positive it is something I struggle with every EVERY day.
and if you get the time I would love to hear your thoughts about my "beauty." and I would agree with Eden THANK YOU THANK YOU again for your blog.

Megan Marie said...

Ladies, I hope you've checked your blogs, all of you who requested "beauty mark" assistance. I sure run with a pack of babes.

Much love,
Megan Marie

Megan said...


I have to say how much I absolutely love reading your blog. It is so full of love, life and honesty! It is so refreshing:)

I have been struggling lately to find my own beauty... I guess you could say I am just in one of those slumps. I know I will get out of it but I am also curious to see what you would see by looking at my blog (


Feainnewedd said...

Thank you again for an amazing blog <3

jdavissquared said...

You're so awesome. I love your outlook on life.
I'd be curious to know what you see as my beauty marks! Come visit anytime!

Audrey @ said...

Thank you for the beautiful comment it made my day! thanks! :)

cara. said...

beautiful. thanks for being such a great role model.

Rachel and Todd said...

Hello Megan! I can see this is an OLD post, but I have to comment. I, too, have varicose veins, and I'm only 24! They started appearing a few months ago with this, my second, pregnancy. For a few days I was pretty depressed that my varicose-vein-less legs were a thing of the past, but now I don't mind them so much. We all have warts--what a good way to put it. But I do have a question for you, where do you get your tights/stockings? I'm gonna need to invest in a few pairs.