Friday, June 11, 2010

a birthday note.

I love the way you run around with the bottom-front of your shirt tucked behind your head, electing to sacrifice practicality (aka, the ability to see) to make others laugh.

I love the way you sing the hymns at church as loud as you can. I especially love the way you make up your own words.

I love the way you respond to every question with superfluous enthusiasm.

I love that your current favorite outfit is composed of two items: 1. Dad's tie-dye T-shirt 2. Dad's dirty-old work gloves. I also love that when you wear this outfit you call yourself "sizzer" which means "wizard."

I love the way you hug me tight whenever I pick you up. You stroke my face when you think I'm asleep. You request at least one dance per day.

Iggy, in so many ways you are the heart of our silly, little family.

I know being the middle child is no picnic sometimes, but you handle it with such grace.

Happy second birthday, my squirrel.

Your father and I love you madly.


Megan said...

Happy birthday! I LOVE his wizard costume :)

emily said...

he is so cute. yep. really. happy birthday little buddy.

Marie said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Grandma Loves and Misses you soooooo much. Wish I was there for your special day.

Roxana Stan said...

Happy birthday, little man!