Thursday, June 3, 2010

This ridiculously giddy day. Part one.

Warning: the pictures and words I am using in the endeavor to accurately portray this entirely volatile series of events could never possibly do it justice. But I shall try, for I am already forgetting the absurdity that put me into fits of whimsy.

The story begins with my sister and her latest adventure as the lead in her high school play. She, rather fittingly, played the love interest of the two leading men. Pictured below is her pseudo fiancee (who in her real-life happens to adore her).
Playing a cooped-up socialite, engaged in an advantageous relationship, her character finds herself falling deeply in love with a common, young man.
A man which she kisses passionately on stage. (Twice!) Imagine my excitement, knowing full-well that this boy is her first kiss. First kiss. Ever. Yes, I took a picture.
But wait; there's more! As the first act comes to a close, we notice that the tall young man pictured above is white as a ghost and gasping for air. Having never seen the play, Duke and I were very confused. He was draped over a fellow cast member, struggling to say his lines. This caused a rather silly pattern in the dialogue of the play, as the characters repeated the same lines no less than three times. Luckily, one of those lines was "We've been over this before!" so the audience was roaring in laughter.

My sister, sensing that all was not right with her stage love, improvised a fit of tears and provided a diversion so that he could be ushered backstage. And then, suddenly, INTERMISSION. "What just happened?" I asked Duke.

"IS THERE ANYONE IN THE THEATER WITH MEDICAL TRAINING?" A voice rang out from the sound box above our heads.

Worried and anxious, we headed out into the halls of my old high school to buy a calming twinkie from the snack-bar.
Upon our return, we grasped that the faint star would be replaced by none other than "Jason Kimball." Here's a bit of background information; his name mentioned over the dinner table, for the past four years, has had the power to turn my sister Tamsin's face a stunning scarlet. "OOOOooooOOOO, Jason Kimball" has been one of my little brother's favorite taunts. Although they have been just friends for some time, I couldn't help but squirm a little in my seat, imagining the butterflies.
He was amazing. He had been playing a bit part in the play and had stepped in, with zero understudy training, to fill lead shoes on closing night. Color me impressed.
What! An improvised kiss! I almost stood to clap as my giddiness meter hit the red. Later, Tamsin informed me that it was only a stage kiss, cheek to cheek, but his idea.
There's no business like show-business. I was entirely thrilled to have witnessed this piece of her life-history.
I scarcely think I could be any more proud of this lady. Though maybe on her real wedding day.
Props for drama-nerds everywhere. Kindred spirits. Hooray for a play.

Oh, and don't you worry about the fainted lead. Tamsin went to visit him the next day and he is feeling quite well.


Vashti said...

I love the play by play. This sounds like something out of a movie, I can't believe it all really happened. Too cool!

Domesticated-Bliss said...

Goodness! I hope he's ok :) Great recap - I felt like I was there! Also, wow what a great stage set for a high school!

Mandy said...

LOVE this story! Too fun!

Jenny Bay said...

Totally felt like I was almost made me all giddy thinking about high school days and crushes and the like. Good times.