Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloud nine.

The other night Iggy asked me for a slice of cheese at bedtime. I told him he couldn't have one, kissed the boys goodnight and shut their bedroom door. I listened to make sure they were settling down and I heard Sparky's voice.

"Mommy says no. Can you say 'mommy says no'?"

The tiniest voice you could imagine answered, "mom-mee ssays no."

"Very good, brother. Can you say 'mommy says no' again?" Sparky prodded him onward. No wonder Iggy's speech is progressing at such a rapid speed! He's been getting private lessons.

Sometimes as I lay down to sleep I imagine for a moment what the future has in store for them. I guess I could be scared for all the things they'll be up against. But mostly I feel hope.

One thing I know is that they'll have each other.

Iggy calls his big brother "He." Sometimes it actually makes sense, but usually it doesn't. "I wanna give this to He." "Hi He." "He did it."

Iggy calls his younger brother "my baby."

"There's my baby!" "Good morning my baby." "I want my baby."

Heavens, does life get any sweeter than this?

Here I sit, sweating like a pig. My house is a total mess and my to do list is a mile long. I could relish the alone time. But all I want to do is go wake my kids up from their naps just to see their sleepy eyes open.

Not to say that I don't ever feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of motherhood. I just don't ever want to forget what a privilege it is to wake up to this each day.

This is exactly what I have been dreaming of all my life. This is my present and my bright future.

What does the future hold for them? Forecast sunny.


aproapealb said...

Another beautiful post!
I'm officially in love with Iggy! :P :)

Trapper and Suzy said...

I love it when my boys grab my face and give me kisses like Iggy's giving the baby. It's so sweet. It sounds like Iggy's got a great older brother to teach him the way things work. He'll be a great influence.

Megan said...

Your boys are darling and handsome! I bet they are and always will be the best of friends!

emily said...

so glad iggy is getting private lessons (adorable). i love these photos so much (beyond adorable).

Natalie said...

LOVE it! Especially that cute little Iggy - he does look just like the boy on the Sandlot.