Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our night under the stars.

Imagine gazing at your calendar to see an empty box representing Saturday. Imagine that you've been hoping to find some time to get away with your sweetheart. Imagine you have loving parents that are happy to come stay with your children.

Dreams come true.

We played cards with a couple of delightful chums well into the night.

We made tin-foil dinners and used pots for bowls, simply because it seemed like a campy thing to do.

Duke and I slept under the stars on a trampoline.

Imagine falling asleep to this...

And awaking to this...

Although a part of us feels as if our trip was over all-too-quickly, we missed our babes greatly, and ultimately are glad to be back to real life.

Speaking of real life; our little Iggy finally decided to land himself in the ER. Unfortunately it was the night our phones were unreachable. He slipped getting out of the bath-tub and earned his obligatory, childhood chin-stitches.

We were thankful that my mom, who is a nurse, was with him. And that my dad could be with the other boys. Happy to report that he was quite a trooper, and although the wait ended up being from 9pm to well after 3am, he remained in good spirits.

We're sure happy campers.


Jackie said...

Looks like a beautiful, romantic evening, and I'm glad to hear that Iggy is ok. :)

Megan said...

What a romantic night! Hope your little guy is ok!

Brieanna said...

Poor baby! I love the picture of the fire, how nice. Were you guys camping in a backyard, or is there a trampoline in the forest?

Megan Marie said...

Brie, sort of both! Our friend Cody has a place with a bunch of property out near silver falls. The trampoline is surrounded by woods. While we were playing cards outside a momma deer and two babies walked right out of the woods near us. It was magical!

jessica leong said...

hello megan =) i'm at 17 year old student from malaysia. I just wanted you to know that your family is my dream family. Your husband,children and you are like a perfect package.May god bless! =)

Trapper and Suzy said...

That would be my ideal date. I love the pictures.
I'm glad Iggy's doing all right. I actually have the same scar on my chin from falling in the bathtub. I hope, like me, he won't remember the pain. : )

*Lesli* said...

umph! carter had his "above the right eye" stitches a couple of years ago. that little scar adds character to a young mans face! lovely pics (as always!)

emily said...

oh i love it. i especially love sleeping on a trampoline. it's been far too many years since i've done so.

Mandy said...

Sorry to hear about Iggy's accident! Maybe this means he's destined to become a cyclist (every cyclist has a scar right there from going over the handlebars at some point). Sounds like you had a fun date though!

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