Monday, July 26, 2010

Riverboat Captains.

Nine Dreams and a Thought:

1. We ride our bikes across the United States, settling down for the night wherever we are when we get tired, and we take just as long as we want to get where we are going. His bike has a cooler of food packed. Mine has a mountain of photography equipment.

2. We own a bit of land in the country with four, little log-cabins all facing each other. We host a quaint family reunion with campfires and singing and lots and lots of grandchildren.

3. We save diligently and find a perfect home to buy. Small and cozy with a grand tree in our yard. Before we do anything else with the place, we start planning and construction on a magnificent tree house, letting the boys customize and build along side of us.

4. We wave goodbye to family and friends, board a plane hand-in-hand, and set off on a two-year mission for our church, serving wherever we are needed (hopefully in a humanitarian-aid capacity). We can barely hold in the excitement we feel to begin our assignment.

5. We walk the emerald hills of Ireland.

6. We pay our last payment on our student loans, give each other a high-five that hurts because we're both so pumped, and take our family out to dinner at the cheapest restaurant possible to celebrate.

7. We harvest a giant pumpkin from our very own garden and carve it into a scary jack-o-lantern. We bake the seeds and make pumpkin pie, enjoying fully the plant we grew ourselves. We look over our homemade planter boxes and say to each other, "it is good."

8. We gather our children around a Christmas tree and exchange simple, home-made gifts. We hug each other tight. We sing carols and drink hot chocolate (though not simultaneously) and feel complete peace with our tiny children in our arms.

9. We sit together on the breezy coast, playing footsie while we each read our novels. Come sunset we put our books down and hold hands, marveling that the sky is so much bigger than we've ever seen. Our joints creak as we raise and take up our things to head back to our car.

All my best dreams begin with "we." Oh, my dear husband, I love him.

I keep writing down my dreams so that I can recognize their actualization once it happens. Sometimes I think we forget to stand still long enough to realize our wishes are actually coming true. Not so long ago I was wishing to be a wife and a mother.

For my birthday Duke took me on a riverboat ride for dinner and dancing. We danced on the lower deck, so close to the river that we felt as if the dance floor was a ripple of blue. We waved from the balcony at total strangers along the bank as we dined. It was a dream that I never knew I had.

At times it has become difficult for us to find time for one-another, but we will never stop trying, because to stop would be to let all of those dreams slip carelessly from our reach.

Keep love alive. Live dreams. Be happy.


Fannadix said...

This is inspiring :)

Roxana Stan said...

I am going to call my husband right now and tell him I love him! You Inspire me every day!

Brieanna said...

You're such a smart, wise, little cookie. I was reading your form spring thingy and I thought, "how lucky am I, to have her for a sister." You seem to have things figured out, I love that about you, always so calm, even when pushing a stroller with two kids in the seats and one on top, one with bugs in his knee, the other with a hurt finger, and a six month old, and you still want more. You amaze me! So I love the name Eve also, but right now I'm thinking, if we have a girl, I like the name Linlee Faye. Just wanted to share. Love ya sister.

Amy Snell said...

I heart your dream :) From what I can see you are right, they are falling into place and coming true :) My hubby and I struggle to find time for each other with little ones in the house but I know how important it what do we do? I kick his butt at UNO as often as I can :) and your saying {the last line} is so perfect...I think I will be making a sign with that on it, if you dont mind of course :)

prettybaby said...

this is so darling. a flower of a post. happy birthday xx

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