Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Time traveling and culture shock.

One of the most wonderful places in the world for people-watching is a Renaissance Faire.

Trying to explain the way I see the culture of the majority of people who frequent them is difficult. The boys are sort-of like this; they can wear flamboyant costumes and shout in Old English to total strangers, but if it were normal life, they'd probably freeze-up and perspire heavily if a pretty girl talked to them.

The girls are also quite interesting to watch. Many rather busty ladies find in the Ren Faire environment, their place. The clothes are flattering on them. And in conjunction with the fact that the men there are pretty nerdy usually, but are blooming in their chain-male, the girls get a lot of attention.

The culture is not only a Renaissance culture. It is a mixture of angst, feigned anarchy, sudden confidence, brute desire to whack each other with swords, and a lot of cleavage. I don't exactly fit in while I'm there and I definitely don't stand out.

But it is absolutely the best place to be for people watching.

You know, my family and I do frequent Renaissance Faires, so I'll paint us right in to the nerdy picture. We dress in costumes and wear weapons. We admire the wares sold in the booths, and we even sell some of our own. We watch the minstrels and jousting, cheering along.

It's sort-of become our family reunion each summer. I'll bet you would like it.

I'll take a bunch of cheery goofs dressed up in costumes over channel surfing any day.

A few more photos here.


Mrs. Blimes said...

Fun! me and my mom used to go to these! We never got the nerve to dress the part but they were fun nonetheless! I have to say though, Duke looks about as thrilled as my husband would at one of these events! LOL What a sweetie for playing along with you!

Samantha and Dustin said...

That's awesome, sounds like way more fun than sitting at home watching tv!

communikate. said...

You paint life beautifully with your photos and words! Love it!

Scott and Lori Smith said...

I love these fairs, and all fairs for that matter! I have got to tell you megan! I just walked up the stairs and believe it or not...but they are finally replacing the carpet in your apartment!! Two families have lived in your apartment since you've left, and now the new people who will move in will get the brand new carpet. How sweet!

MemoriesofaDestiny said...

Haha yes! That sounds awesome :) I've never heard of a 'Renaissance Fair'... wonder if there's any in corona? :p

Anonymous said...

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