Saturday, July 10, 2010

high school reunion.

Color me nerdy.

I graduated from high school in 2003. And about once I year I catch myself thinking, "only _____ more years until the reunion."

My old friend Leif, a fellow alumni was recently visiting our home-town, where Duke and I now reside, and he dropped in with his lovely wife and children. In talking he spoke of his lack of desire to attend such an event.

It got me thinking about why I want to go so bad.

1. A shared past makes for some of the most hilarious story telling. I adore hearing forgotten memories, so long as they're pleasant. Maybe this has some correlation to my love for flashback scenes in movies.
2. I know there are people that I liked, and got along with, but didn't stay close with. Yes, there's facebook, but what about the people whose last names slipped my mind? New-old friends? Yes, please.
3. A bunch of people are married now, and I want to meet their spouses. Margaret, Leif's wife, is just the coolest person ever. She is sugar sweet and remarkably optimistic and positive. I am so glad we've been able to become friends through blogging.

I'd be lying if I said there wasn't that little part of me that wants to go to see who has gotten rich, bald, chubby, plastic-surgery, imprisoned, pregnant, or all of the above.

I'd also be lying if I said it wasn't at all about the desire I have to talk about my beautiful children.

Curiosity and pride aside, I think I will be fun just to be around the people I saw nearly every day for four years.

And I bet there will be food.

Did you go to your high school reunion or are you planning to go? Tell me more, I'm intrigued.

PS- Isn't Margaret the most beautiful woman you've even seen? Check out her lovely blog here.


Jessica Bjorn said...

She is gorgeous!
I am no-reunion-er.

robin said...

i loved my high school reunion! i helped plan it so i was especially invested.

Trapper and Suzy said...

My family moved after my sophomore year in high school, but I got to visit those friends after not seeing them for about 7 years, and it was at a wedding. It was really kind of scary. I didn't exactly leave things on the best of terms with a couple of friends and so it was EXTREMELY awkward. However, I felt really confident and secretly triumped on the inside, because I knew I wasn't that same girl. I had a husband I was able to show off and two beautiful babies to brag about. It was wonderful. Nobody really cared though, except for one person. Everyone else just did their best to avoid me. I think they were nervous. I'm not sure, but I get this feeling that when I arrived at the wedding, it was a surprise to everyone, so much so that I could've sworn I'd heard a gasp. And not a "yippee" kind of gasp. More like a "Oh my gosh! I think just saw a ghost" kind of gasp. I guess, in a way, you could say it made me feel a little more illustrious. haha

Margaret said...

I'm still trying to convince Leif to go to your reunion! If he doesn't go I'll go for him:)

I'm blessed to have spent time with you! You're one of the reasons I want to move to Salem so badly! Plus I think Riley loves your boys haha

jdavissquared said...

I went to my 10 year. It was fun! Not much changes in 10 years though. The same cliques are still in full force. Even if they haven't stayed in tact the whole time, everyone gravitates back to them. It's weird. I had the most fun talking to the people I went to elementary school with. Probably because we grew up together. It was fun!