Thursday, August 19, 2010

The eleventh hour reflection.

Ten summer loves that I will long for through the winter...

1. The way the sunshine makes me feel inside.

2. The sight of my boys in their underwear, running through vast fields of green.

3. The way my sister learns and laughs and loves when she spends her days at our house.

4. Buckets full of berries.

(Well, if not buckets full, than at least bellies full.)

5. The treats that are the product of berry picking.

6. A million excuses to spend time with friends.

7. Watching Duke rock at softball.

8. Counting their new freckles.

9. That ridiculous ring around the bathtub. (Photo by Margaret Jacobson)

10. Thinking to myself, as I ride my bike, that I wouldn't want any other life than the one I have.

I guess I sort-of lied about listing only 10 things... because I have one more to add. Although this summer love could have a sub-list of little, wonderful treasures that could go on for miles...

11. Our tiny baby.

I tell you, I never thought of myself as a mother-of-babies (deeming my love more suited for older children) but I fell so in love with tiny Fitz that I'm having a hard time watching him grow.

Next year I will have another summer full of new loves and adventures.

But he will never be that tiny baby again.

I've often thought that three months for a baby could be equated to one year for an older child, the way they grow and change. I count myself so blessed to have been anticipating his growth and sketching the precious moments into my heart.

The seasons to be most cherished are those that we only experience once.

I am beginning to see that life is too short to complain about the weather.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! I will also miss summer so much! I love the way you ended the post! Life trully is to shhort to complain!

emily said...

you document everything so well... i really applaud you for that.
p.s. those little freckles are just so cute.

jdavissquared said...

I love that last line...

"I am beginning to see that life is too short to complain about the weather."

so true. so true.

Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

Mrs. Blimes said...

You ALWAYS make me cry M! Grrr! But I love your posts so much! Thank you again for sharing this wonderful perspective.


*Lesli* said...

you should just have another baby :) Your boys are soooo cute, and I too, love to count my little man's new freckles. That picture of you and Fitz is so precious.

Glo said...

Beautiful! You know I loved to count your freckles, too. Although I love, Love, LOVE, the woman you have become... you'll always be my little girl. I'm just in aw. You make me cry with your sweet "youness."
Love, Mom.