Friday, September 10, 2010

Pass it on.

Those women (you'll know the ones I'm talking about) who are incredibly gifted and knowledgeable in the homemaking categories; well, I love these women and want to be like them. It's safe to say that I am making progress though I wouldn't conciser myself quite "there" yet.

I put myself in their space any time I get the chance, if only to bask in the heavenly domestic glow, hoping some will rub off.

I'm pretty sure that I should be camping outside Teresa's cottage home, hoping she will teach me new great things.

Did I mention that she sews? Look at this lovely apron she made just for me (pictured below, pardon my bold fashion statement). Isn't it wonderful that we can share our skills and God-given talents with one another?!

I've decided to teach a photography technique in this post (if only to pass along the love). It's called "framing" and it involves using objects to obstruct part of the picture to place emphasis on your subject. In the above photo I positioned my camera so that my bike and tailor were framing me.

I think the best place to practice this technique is at a playground. Try it first with a subject that can take direction (such as a friend or older child) so that you can experiment with angles, working as slowly as you need. As you practice, you will become more aware of the many opportunities to use "framing" in your every-day photo-taking, allowing you to add some spice through variety.

This trick has EVERYTHING to do with modifying your perspective and can be instituted with even the most simple cameras and inexperienced photographers.

If so inclined, give "framing" a shot, and then be sure to pass along one of your talents.

much love,
Megan Marie


emily said...

natural frames are one of my favorite things about photography. it's just finding the right ones which is the trick... hehe.
thanks for this.

Teresa said...

Thank you for the sweet props, Megan. I very much enjoy spending time with you.

Before you peddled off yesterday, I almost told you that you still had your apron on. I decided not to, however, because I knew you would bring a smile to someone's face with it on. :-)

Kat & Paul said...

thanks for the lesson on framing! and yum to those canned pears!