Friday, September 10, 2010

they're so cute when they're asleep.

Iggy has come upon the Child's Secret To Survival:

"No matter how much you torture your parents through the day, once you go to sleep, they can't help but adore you again."

Duke (7:45pm): What were we thinking? Oh wait, I know! We weren't thinking!
Megan (7:46pm): Try a whole day of this, you bum.

Duke (8:30pm): We have the best life. Our kids are so awesome.
Megan (8:31pm): You're such a good dad. I love you. Now, let's go wake them up and snuggle them!

Anyway, Iggy has it figured out.

Now, anytime I threaten time-out he stops whatever he is doing to take a very short (still long enough to make me laugh) nap.

Yesterday he made a whole playground of parents laugh when, while riding a tricycle, he was faced with punishment for disobedience. He immediately tanked it into the grass, laying perfectly still for several minutes.

I need that super-nanny-lady to come to my house and help me stop thinking my kids are so hilarious that I forget that they're in trouble.


Megan said...

I love that he "falls asleep" when he's in trouble haha. He's a smart kid! I'm beginning to learn this with my 10 month old. There are only a few times I tell him no (wanting to play with outlets, etc) and now he slowly walks to one, looks at me, reaches for it slowly....just waiting to see if I tell him no. His face is so funny that I have to turn away so he can't see me busting up!

Rach said...

oh oss, i can SO picture him doing this. Lily still asks to go to "Ossi's house" basically every time we go for a walk.

He seriously looks 12 in the last picture. STOP IT SQUINTS!!

Kat & Paul said...

this is awesome!