Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hey, little bluebird.

Duke and I talked it through and decided the time has come to cut out super-heroing. I think it was a combination of scratches on siblings and attacks on defenseless babies that pushed me over the edge of permissiveness and rationalization about boys being boys.

There's a reason that some shows are rated for age 7 and up. Not because they are bad, per-say, but more because of the lack of understanding young children have about the consequences of reckless machoness.

You know what, though? There are so many games to play! So we decided to axe the whole "punch daddy mercilessly in the head" game (which started out innocently enough, as most fighting games do). The plan is to discover a few better games.

Here's our baby bluebird game:
You will need a blanket and as many socks as there are kids playing.
Build a nest.
Throw the socks about pretending they're worms. Designate a "momma-bird."
Whichever of the babies chirps the loudest wins the worm.


I'd love to hear about some of the simple games that either you grew up playing or that you've adopted with your little birds. Share, if you care. :)


leigh said...

I am right there with you. I just wrote up a post today about a game that we play that is super fun and silly.

Glo said...

I wanna play- I love it.

She Loves The Color Pink said...

So cute! I'm trying to think of games I used to play...I'll have to come back!

The Toland's said...

you are absolutely adorable and when I become a mommy I want to be just like you

Brieanna said...

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen! Awwww... when you feed your baby birds, just soooo sweet. I love your outfit too, the jacket is a beautiful color. I find myself struggling with games to play with Ella also, so tonight, I downloaded a bunch of free interactive kids songs, that will be on our agenda for fun tomorrow. Hopefully she digs it.

Teresa said...

Will you ever get tired of me telling you how awesome I think you are? I love this. You are so creative. Those boys are blessed to have you. They are going to be amazing men one day, in large part because the have such an outstanding mother. You may not feel that you are, because day-to-day mothering an be challenging, but YOU ARE. You create so many lovely, uplifting experiences and memories for your family. We would all be better mothers if we followed your example. I am blessed to know you.

Sarah said...

You are a wonderful example of motherhood. Thank you for sharing your wonderful spirit!

Ah, one day I'll have a tree swing.. lovely. :)

Elizabeth said...

When I was little my brother and I would play the lava game where we couldn't touch the carpet because it was lava, we got very creative to get around the room. I love your blog! You and your husband are so fantastic, we hope you'll come to more get togethers!