Monday, October 4, 2010

a postive aura.

Sometimes I climb back into bed in the mornings, thinking to myself that I don't want to play "mom." In searching for the lasting motivational thought to keep me positive, whichever way my life twists and turns, I came upon this quote:

"There is nothing as energizing, as confidence-building, as sustaining as the power of love. How substantial is its influence on the human mind and heart! How great and magnificent is its power in overcoming fear and doubt, worry and discouragement." -President Gordon B. Hinckley

I have awaken, these past days after finding my answer, in the same situation, only now I ask myself "Megan, who/what do you love in this life?.....Now, how can you show your love today?" It has been a joy to make breakfast for my children. A joy to fold my husband's laundry. A joy to follow Christ and seek His will.

Because first comes love.

(Long exposure photo, heart drawn with glow-sticks.)


*Lesli* said...

You're Aura is purple! ~Almost Famous.

kelly said...

that's a wonderful quote. thanks for sharing.

emily said...

lovely. lovely photo.