Monday, November 29, 2010


Duke's perfect day would go like this:
He'd wake up at six and drink a hot chocolate.
He'd then enter his (nonexistent) home office and work, trading stocks, with his really cool (also nonexistent) monitors hanging on the walls. He'd do that until just after noon.
Then we would walk downtown as a family and go out to lunch together. We'd walk home and all the kids would magically take a nap at the same time. He and I would snuggle up and nap.
When we all awoke, we'd have a light dinner and watch a movie together, kids would go to sleep willingly at bedtime and he and I would snuggle up once again. Then we might play some guitar together before bed.

My perfect day:
We'd wake up to sun-shine, with the boys' extra-adorable clothes already stacked and ready. We'd get out of the house smoothly and walk downtown for a bagel. I would take hundreds of beautiful photos, including a family photo to top all family photos.
We'd walk home and lounge on a blanket in the backyard, eating a picnic, and snoozing together in the shade.
Come evening we'd take our bikes to an old-fashioned carnival with rides and lights, and winning stuffed animals. We would eat cotton candy and patron the Ferris wheel until bedtime.
We'd ride home and the boys would sleep peacefully while Duke and I spent the evening dancing in our living room and eating late-night snacks.

We spun these dreams while traveling in our car together. We also planned our retirement, our dream vacation, and our grandparenthood. We spoke our feelings to our children and taught them the songs of our hearts.

I'm realizing now that I lived my dream day. Never before topped. And twice in one week (once driving down and another driving back home).

We started the first day with hot chocolate.
We read together. And comforted our son (when Sparky threw up all over the place).
We stopped the car (to put on chains), taking the opportunity to dance in circles on the ice together.
We talked, a lot. Our kids told us all sorts of marvelous things.
We ate bagels and cream cheese for lunch, driving around a beautiful, new town.
Our car spun quietly in the night, off the road- in what would normally have sent us into a panic- and we felt complete peace and calm. Duke and I worked together as a team to free the car from the snowy ditch and accomplished the great feat, kissing and high-fiving in triumph.
We were a family.

The second dream day was similar. Minus the vomit. Plus some whining. Minus the spin-out. Plus eating Chinese take-out, all huddled in the front seat of the car.

It was as close to heaven as I have ever been.

I hope that even when we can afford to fly, we'll choose to drive.... Unless we ever live that dream Hawaii vacation... Then we'll take a boat.


Amy Snell said...

Glad you guys are safe and I pray that everyone is back to good health :) I love love the pic of the boys holding hands!! You guys are such an amazing family!! Thank you for reminding me to enjoy the little things, with that we can all live our dreams :)

Glo said...

I'm so glad that it was good, you were safe, and now you're home. I missed you all so very much. Although (and thankfully) I had a "sweet granddaughter" date yesterday, I'm still suffering from a case of grandsons withdrawal. I missed my oldest daughter, and her wonderful husband. Like you, I am blessed.

Krista said...

Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love with them! I'm glad y'all had a great time. :) Road trips are the best.

Fata Verde said...

Lovely. Reading your post felt like watching a good movie about a family that sticks together in spite of all hard times. You brought tears to my eyes :) I am really happy for you, and I think you are one lucky girl, to have such an amazing relationship with your husband and such a lovely family. It's like the perfect example of how love and faith are the answer to everything. Thank you! :)

kelly said...

What a sweet post.