Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pretty paper.

Five things I simply adore about modern scrap-booking paper...

1. It comes in big pads of matching variety, making it almost impossible for me to make an ugly combination-paper craft.

2. Using it doesn't involve a sewing machine.

3. I don't get my feelings hurt when kids promptly destroy my creations.

(The above picture makes me smile so much. I think it's because they are all gliding above ground.)

4. Low-cost facilitates constant change in home decor. One week our kitchen is covered in hearts, the next we can have hanging stars.

5. Having pretty paper on hand is like having the ingredients for cookies, only for those of us who are poor bakers. I can make a quick craft or card when I want to show my love to.. really anyone. Plus, paper (unlike baked goods) can be left anonymously on doorsteps without suspicion of ex-lax additive.


Roxana ┼či Eliza said...

This moments are so amazing!

Mrs. Blimes said...

LOL so so true! Pretty paper ALWAYS brightens things up around here!

You are so VERY creative M!

jdavissquared said...

oh yes, the gliding is nice!
great photos.

robin said...

you know, that picture of the three kids gliding is PERFECT. it should win some kind of award...