Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas craft and give-away winner announced.

What's Christmas without monsters?

This craft highly endorsed by Sparky, who also thinks beards are funny.

Make a pom-pom by bundling a few pieces of yarn together around the middle. Unravel the yarn. Hot-glue to a stick. Add googly-eyes and a Christmas hat. And there you have it.

The googly-eyes will entertain the younger children.

We delivered the monsters to a couple of doors with a note; wishing holidays full of merry monsters.

This monster, because of the no-mouth predicament he's in, will now use his mind power to announce the winner of the owl ornament give-away!

Jolly day, all.


Radke said...

These little monsters are adorable! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the great give away. I am so excited I won. What do I need to do?

Megan Marie said...

Missy, if you could email me at thepolishedpickle@gmail.com with your shipping info, I will forward that along to the giveaway sponsor, and you can expect the little critter along soon! Congratulations!

Eden Ruth said...

O my goodness! I absolutely LOVE all the crafts and activities you do! I hope I am even close to this creative with my children one day :)

Laura said...

Just when your hair gets long you cut it. I love it. Your kids and your monsters are cute.