Thursday, December 30, 2010

into the unknown.

Magical Fog.

Waiting for the wolf to appear any moment.


Trina said...

Gosh, so many cute photos and so much I want to tell you. I'll just try to keep it brief. Your kids are spectacularly adorable and I love all of your super creative activities, they look like I come here to read and be awed and inspired by your amazing ability to hold it together with all of your responsibilities and kiddos and all that you manage to accomplish, so when I see the normal person behind all the amazing feats, I really, truly love it. It makes me feel less pathetic. :) But you're amazing and your family is so lucky to have you.

MaryPosa said...

Oh look! I told you how much I love pictures of the Oregon fog and you delivered! This is great!

Oh how these pictures make me yearn to go back to the Dalles.