Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy we're together... even if we're bored.

10 things to do with very little children when it's gross outside...

1. Race toy cars down a propped-up ironing board.
2. Turn all the lights out and play with a flashlight.
3. Hang out in the bottom of a closet with all of their stuffed animals filling up the space and yummy snacks to eat.
4. Make a hammock out of blankets and swing.
5. Take a mattress off a bed and slide on it.
6. Take all the pots and pans out and drum.
7. Stick them in a laundry basket and push them around the floor.
8. Look at pictures of animals and pretend to be each animal, crawling around and making the sounds.
9. Wrap them up in blankets like a burrito and then roll them out, over and over again.
10. Hold them and dance to your favorite songs.

By the way, thank you, all of you who have been asking me questions on my Formspring. It has been pleasantly challenging for me, and I hope helpful for you.


She Loves To Make said...

I asked the formspring question that I think created this post. I love these ideas! We're currently shopping for a second car so most days we're stuck at home and it's beginning to get really depressing! I'm excited to have some new ideas :) Thanks for taking the time to answer.

Audrey @ said...

I love these photos!

MaryPosa said...

I love this post so very very much. I too have three very small ones (my oldest is 4) and am constantly trying to think of non-video game/movie things to do with them while it is so cold and gross outside. Hooray!

emily said...

great suggestions. ben and will do some of these even though there aren't kids around to entertain :)

Maryn said...

LOVE the bottom picture especially.

prettybaby said...

we used to do the burrito blanket! we'd also roll down our backyard hill in the same way, we'd lay it out and then hold the end, then it would naturally roll us in tight as we rolled down. quite fun then but now i get all claustrophobic and itchy thinking about it! xx

Rachel and Todd said...

Thanks for these ideas! I imagine if I were a child again I would LOVE to so these things. We've been getting a bit stir crazy these days, and I'm sure my son would love to do all these things.