Saturday, January 15, 2011

memories for a rainy day.

Today I miss the sun.

I miss the company I keep when school is out of session.

I miss laughing so wide-mouthed that my jaw hurts.

I miss kicking a ball, running around bases, and feeling so free.

I wish so badly to cheer in the stands for my darling Emily.

And my lovely Tamsin.

And especially for my sweetheart, Duke. My how I love our summers together.

I miss the way it gets dark outside but not bleak inside when evening comes.

Before you know it we'll be kissed by our sweet, shared sun. I'm totally going to kiss him back.

Much love,
Megan Marie

PS- I also miss my long hair, but don't tell Duke, because he'll only say, "I told you so."


emily said...

there is something so special about summer.
and i totally feel ya on missing long hair. i chopped mine on our honeymoon and i've been missing it until now that my hair is almost back to length... and yes, ben would always say "told you so..."

Brieanna said...

By summertime, your hair will be longer; and you, and it, can bask in the sun's warm glory. I miss summer too, I miss the warmth, and the energy the sunshine brings. The other day I told Joe, forget moving to a place with snow, we need to move to a place with sun. Warm, sunny weather is also my friend.