Thursday, February 24, 2011

the me i like.

I was watching a video I made back in September. The movie hit time-mark 3:46 and I caught myself wondering, "where did that woman go?"

The me I like finds so many things to rejoice about. The me I like is contagious.

How did I catch what I've got now?

I'm trying not to be too hard on my newly-pregnant, heavily burdened self (the one who can hardly make it through a sentence without complaining), but I miss that woman.

I needed a good cry today. The type of cry that extracts all freewheeling emotional shrapnel. I found that cry here. And here. And I return constantly to this one for an uplifting purging of emotion (especially for a mother of boys).

Now to work on becoming that woman and more, made wiser through each trail.


Trina said...

Megan, those videos were just what I needed today. And as it turns out, they are just what I needed to pass along to some non-member friends who have been struggling lately emotionally and otherwise.

Thank you for sharing. I hope the sun comes out for you really soon. Hugs, Trina

Lucie said...

thank you so much for sharing these videos, especially the one about the death of Beans. I really touched me because I lost my little girl to cancer 3andhalf years ago...I love the fact that you share your feelings and write so well about them.Without knowing it you ve been a good friend to me ths whole past year, when i was so sick with pregnancy and dealing with so many emotions. I just wish I could live closer and come give you a hug...I hope you ll feel better very soon and finding your old self waiting for you to enjoy life better.

Megan Marie said...

Lucie, my friend, I wish we lived close, too. Thank you for sharing your tender story, and for inspiring me in this time of trouble. I'll take the thought of your hug to heart!

Elizabeth said...

Yay, your preggers! That's great, congrats! There must be something in the water because it seems as though everyone is pregnant lately!

emily said...

congratulations pretty lady. sometimes it's really hard to be the good you. i feel like i only get to be the best me every once in a while.. and that really needs to change. thanks for the encouragement.
i hope you are feeling well today.

Kerri said...


aproapealb said...

>:D< You are so much like me! Each time I read what you write I know exactly what you mean.I'm still loving your blog, even though I leave less comments. I hope God will give you many moments of joy in this pregnancy!