Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I finally took a moment to read that "seriously so blessed" blog a little. At first I didn't realize it was a satire and I thought, "you have got to be kidding me!" Now I laugh my bum off and sometime feel so dumb at the same time because I do some of the mommy-blogger stuff it is making fun of.

I realized that if I straight posted the first things that come to my mind, without actually thinking about what I write, my blog would be so stupid. Want to know what it would be like?

The following are my facebook status updates from the last couple of months. This should give you a good idea of how stereotypical I am actually capable of being.

"I came on here for a reason... what was it? darn!"

"Elder White's bike just got stolen from right in front of our house. I feel soooooooooo bad. And he doesn't even know yet because another missionary was using it for splits. I wish I was rich."

"[Sparky]: [Iggy], you're the mermaid.
[Iggy]: NO!
[Sparky]: Mermaids are the heroes of the ocean, [Iggy]."

"la-la-la-love life."

"I adore my husband."

"I woke up to a laundry-pile the size of my whole bathroom floor. Then instead of doing chores I spent the day doing science experiments with food coloring and making sugar cookie dough without even getting that mad that the kids were eating all before we could make cookies. And I'm way happier than I would have been with a totally clean house and all the laundry conquered. That's the puzzle of motherhood for me."

"Happy Thanksgiving, all! This year I am quite thankful for the constant quest of improving human relationships and communication, which always seems to humble me. Maybe next year I will put my foot in my mouth less. :) See you next week! Off to Nevada!"

"i ♥ december. its coming means i've almost made it through another year of craziness."

"Anyone interested in coming together for a Humanities Appreciation Club that meets once a month in a combination book club, music appreciation, art attempting kind of a thing.... rotating through a variety of interests and endeavors?"

"I finally figured out what the "panic" button on my car-key is for. It's for my children to push when they want to make me panic."

"So, we were listening to Pandora when a commercial came on- a lady speaking about how we just have to try the latest whatever. I didn't really even notice until it was over and [Sparky] said (in a totally freaked-out tone), "mom, we'd BETTER do what the computer says."

"As we pulled into our driveway last night we told the kids it was bedtime. [Sparky] said, "I'm coming out fighting."

"I adore 9am church. Usually we would just be getting home, bleh."

"impulsive beach-trip. i'm feeling so free. and very damp."

"the sun has got his hat on, hip-hip-hip-hip hooray. the sun has got his hat on and he's coming out to play."

"date night, date night! i am loving having a sister old enough to go on double-dates. wooooo!"


"Baby+My Phone+The Toilet= The Following Announcement:

Please leave me messages here or call my husband's phone if you need to get a hold of me. :)"

I am so glad for moments when I find that I really do have a sense of humor about myself... When I can admit that as "unique" as I think I am, I'm really so much like many, other bloggers... When I can identify my own tendencies to do those very things I'm cynical about.

Life is so funny, really.


Trina said...

Sometimes I find the seriouslysoblessed blog funny, but mostly I don't like her bc i think she gets off the satire and hits just plain mean too often. (though I did love the picture of the "preggo" belly). I find it a little pathetic that she goes to all the trouble of reading other blogs, doing research, and then making fun of them. Just my opinion. My sister loves it to death and wishes she would have thought of it first. :) Maybe i would like it better if it was her. Maybe it's because those other women are truly inspiring and she makes me want to... anyway... You are inspiring. So is Taza and staci and daybook and all the rest. I'm glad that she is going away.

Rach said...

I know, that blog totally cracks me up, though, you have to go into reading it not caring what you think, I found myself thinking i was dumb after reading some posts...but the stuff she writes about pertaining to church callings and stuff? funny.