Tuesday, February 1, 2011

sibling and stages and stuff like that.

Lately I have been getting a little frustrated with Iggy's shenanigans, and forgetting that he's only two. Often I forget that Spraky wasn't always incredibly responsive and obedient, and I try to hold Iggy to a very high standard of behavior, like I do for his older brother.

There have been little reminders though, that I need to let him have his turn testing boundaries. One such reminder was the other day when I caught him eating margarine out of the tub with a knife, wearing a green, dinosaur shirt. It was far, too familiar.

Yes, Spraky did exactly the same thing when he was exactly the same age, wearing that exact shirt.

I've found it is very hard to keep all of my memories straight (how old they were when they went through what stage, or whatever) so that I can make sure everything is totally consistent kid-to-kid. And I'm realizing that it doesn't really matter. Because they are different kids and I've changed as a mother anyway.

I hope that makes sense.

My plan is to just love and be patient in the here and now. And to stop comparing my own kids to one another so much. The rest, I'm sure, will work itself out.


emily said...

are you for real? same shirt? the photos look almost identical. wowie. so. hilarious.
i used to eat butter by the cube when i was little. just sayin.

amateur idler said...

That is hilarious.