Wednesday, March 30, 2011

don't take my word for it.

The theme from Reading Rainbow teleports me to the days of riding in the back-seat of a station wagon, rear-facing, waving at a cheerful driver stopped behind our family car. But that's really beside the point.

The point is this; I planted a square-foot raised-bed garden today. I have been dreaming of this day for several years and finally I get up the nerve to do it.

And now I am getting what everyone means when they say, "the best way to learn how to garden is just to do it."

The seeds have such a magical feel, each of them so different. Even just holding them in my palm made me feel like I could one day have a green thumb.

The actual act of putting seed into dirt and covering the little hole gave me confidence that this is something I can totally do (and maybe well).

I planted 16 different types of seeds so something should grow.

I've asked a bazillion people about gardening and I've gotten the basics from those conversations. But really, it's like hearing a bunch of people give a book report.

And now I am reading the book.

I'm sure my plot won't be so nice as more experienced gardeners', but it's my little journey. It feels good to be all dirty.

Want to hear the song that finally prodded me into the plunge? I'm warning you, you'll love it so much that you'll have to start your life-long gardening-with-your-lover obsession (if you haven't already). Here it is: The Gambler by fun. Happy planting!


Brieanna said...

It may be a little early to plant tomatoes outside. They're really finicky plants and need a lot of sunlight and warmth. Also, if they freeze, they're pretty much done. The onions will do great though, it's hard not to get onions, they can grow even in the winter. Good luck! It's so much fun to garden, I'm sad we're not doing it this year; I see all the flowers at the store and wish I could bring some color into my world. Also, we have some indoor plant lights if you decide to start the tomato seeds inside, let me know.

Jdaniels said...

I've recently made the decision that I *refuse* to go through life with a black thumb! I don't have the space for something like this, but I did get a couple of planters to put flower seeds in ... and the seeds actually sprouted!!! I can't tell you the amount of joy I feel when I see what's growing in the planters - although no flowers as of yet.

I hope your garden plot grows wonderfully! It's such a lot of fun to watch it grow!

She Loves The Color Pink said...

I have been wanting to do one of these gardens for a year now! They seem awesome!

MaryPosa said...

Oh how I love fun. You just jumped up about 100 points on my coolness scale (which is impressive since you were pretty high to begin with. )

I've been wanting to try gardening too for so long, and of course the place we are renting is all landscaped with rocks and we can't plant anything. I've tried indoors, but for some reason I always get bugs, and it makes me all sick knowing that there are bugs in the house, so i quit. But someday, someday I will have blueberry bushes. And it will be magical.

Megan Marie said...

Thanks, ya'll, for the well-wishes on the gardening!

Brie, alas I fear those tomatoes will not grow. I let the boys choose from all the seeds we planted which ones they wanted, thus the tomatoes and celery, but we're going to analyze the garden every week and see which plants are doing well and which aren't and ask why. I love square foot gardening because it is hardly a waste to try something that doesn't work, I'll just replant something else in that spot the next time I do a round! I'm really excited about it!

We're thinking about doing another box. If we do I'll let you know in case you and joey want to mother that one! :)

team cowan said...

ahhhhh, fun. I do so love fun. in fact, did I suggest that song to you a while ago? aren't they great? that song is magical.

Ash said...

I love your little markers! I recently planted just a few things in pots in our apartment, and I've had some plants pop up even with bad lighting and a caretaker who often forgets to water. You'll do great!

Megan Marie said...

team cowan, i will forever be in your debt. fun. is just about my favorite band ever, and they're helping me get through this patch of life right now. thank you thank you thank you!