Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Prom.

This was sort-of a lot of work to put together...


Imagine the above church gym filled to the brim with whole families dancing together and spectators cheering and laughing.

Iggy has been telling me "I want to go to the dance" about five times a day since.

We'll just have to do it again soon!

PS- Don't I look like a duckling?


team cowan said...

This is genius. I'm going to suggest it in our next ward council. ;)

She Loves The Color Pink said...

How fun! I love this idea. I would love to create a new prom memory instead of the awkward proms in high school haha

Rach said...

Yes. Did you do this for the ward? or was it the Riley fam? either way I love it.

Megan Marie said...

It was a whole-ward thing! SOOOO fun, I tell you. Highly recommended.