Thursday, March 17, 2011

green is the color of spring.

This morning some sneaky leprechauns came and played some tricks on us.

They dyed our milk green and replaced our cereal with green beads, those cheeky little-men.

I love green (only second to yellow) so spotting it all day is one of those simple pleasures I so adore.

This morning Sparky mused, "Why, if we were naked would we get pinched, just because we were not wearing green? AND I can pinch anybody anytime even if they are wearing green, mom."

He was pretty positive that there would be leprechauns waiting to greet him in the living room this morning.

Awe man, it's just mom in a bathrobe.

I don't know what I would do sometimes with out little holidays scattered throughout the year.

As trivial as it may sound that I'm over here in America dying milk green while so many are huddled for warmth after losing their homes, just across the ocean... I guess what it comes to is accepting (and becoming proud) that my influence, at this time in my life, is mainly felt by three, young children. I can give them sunshine on the cloudy days, in whatever form possible (aka beads for cereal). Although I can do little for those hurting from the storms, I feel I'm right where I am supposed to be now.

I can't help but give thanks for the joy I feel as a mother, and prayers for those who have just felt their family trials multiply so very much this week. I hope... I just hope for them.

More photos from our St. Patrick's Day Picnic here.


robin said...

you are beautiful. inside and out! (cheesy i know but i think that every time i read your posts.)

your boys must really just love their life...

Eden Ruth said...

I find myself thinking "I have to remember that when I have children" every time I read your blogs.