Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The kind of boy he is.

He planned his own 4th birthday.

He picked the colors; pink and red.

He baked and decorated his own cake (with a little help from his auntie Emily).

For the menu; a grilled cheese sandwich bar with assorted breads, meats and cheeses.

He even asked for specific gifts this year, and was super stoked when all went according to plan.

I'm having trouble believing he's not turning 14 and completing some sort-of "event planner" merit badge.

That's just the kind of boy he is. Amazing. Thoughtful. Mature. Decisive.

Oh, how we love him.

Happy birthday, son.


Aymee said...

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet big boy!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh what a cutie! A grilled cheese bar sounds delish!

Rachel said...

I gotta say, that cake looks mighty delicious! Ya know, I've given Alexa permission to date any of your young men in the future...they should feel very honored!