Monday, March 28, 2011

shopping with sisters.

I've become so incredibly cheap in the last four years.

I wear mostly the clothes I had prior to my marriage. Or hand-me-downs. Or thrift-store finds. Or mega-sale items from Old Navy. And I have major problems spending any money at all, feeling immediately guilty and tormented with buyer's remorse.

I've been realizing that there has to be more of a balance when it comes to frugality in my life, because I am turning into a total scrooge.

My mom sent us sisters on a little shopping excursion, telling me to buy something that I wouldn't normally get for myself. My sisters are pros at spending money, haha, but I remember what it was like to be that young and care-free.

We make a good shopping team because they tell me to go-for-it and I tell them to put-some-of-it-back.

But I did completely endorse Tamsin's swimsuit purchase. Who wouldn't when she looked that adorable?


jdavissquared said...

I'm totally the same way! I used to spend money like crazy, and now, I can barely bring myself to buy anything!

She Loves The Color Pink said...

I know what you mean! I used to LOVE buying clothes. I still do but feel so guilty afterwards! Love that you can go shopping with your sisters--how fun!

prettybaby said...

the only way i understand buyers guilt is when i buy out of my means & in that case, i usually end up returning it with a half smile and immediately feel better. it's definitely right to be mindful of our money, i mean, of course! but... and this is a big ol' but... you really should let yourself enjoy your money too. i just think both extremes make us miss out (spending too much or else spending to little) hope you don't mind my two cents! xx

Trapper and Suzy said...

I agree about Tamsin. She looks GREAT in that swimsuit! I wish they had more of that style in stores. I like to shop but only when I have an idea in mind of what I want. I can't spend hours and hours browsing. And then when I want to buy something it can't be more than $25 or I feel super guilty.

Ash said...

Your sisters are beautiful! And that swimsuit is super cute! I also really like the dress and skirt that you tried on. Did you get anything you love?