Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cravings. and a bad memory for these things.

A few hours after Sparky was born Duke decided to go home for a little while and freshen up. I really didn't want to be alone, or even with the precious baby alone because I had no idea what to do with the fragile, little man. Duke left me with a kiss and a promise to return swiftly. I fell asleep waiting for what felt like hours and awoke in a rage without him by my side. I called Duke to yell discovering I had dozed for only a couple of minutes and that he had just had time to walk out of the hospital into the parking lot.

My point is this; my immediate perception and afterward recall are horribly flawed, especially when I'm speaking about pregnancy, labor and delivery. That's probably why I allow myself to become pregnant again, forgetting each time the (without sounding too melodramatic) massive suffering.

So since I don't think I ever put this down anywhere, I will recount here what I craved with each pregnancy and I may be totally wrong with all of them (though the current pregnancy information is a tiny bit more likely to be accurate).

Baby 1. Grilled cheese sandwiches. Fast food, especially Wendy's chicken nuggets.

Baby 2. Home-made macaroni and cheese.

Baby 3. Pad Thai.

Baby 4. Picante Beef Top Ramen drenched in chili sauce. (That bottle in the top picture was new at the beginning of this pregnancy.) With a really, really big glass of milk.

Ok, journaling. Check.

But I should also put in here that it is miserable being pregnant, Megan. You are tired and cranky and under motivated. You decided you never want to do this again no matter how those cute, sweet, adorable, little babies you see, as your kids get bigger, make you swoon. You are blue more often than not and it makes it nearly impossible to mother the children you've already birthed. Megan, also don't get mad at Duke when you are begging for another baby and he reminds you that you wrote this.

Ok, truthful journaling. Check.


Eva said...

I just had my husband make a video of me 9months+ pregnant to remind future Eva that she doesn't want to get pregnant again. So I understand. :)

Brieanna said...

This is my biggest issue with getting pregnant again. I'm not sure I'm ready or willing to go through all of the ups and downs of pregnancy, or the lack of sleep, or the hormonal changes. The postpartum kicked my behind and scared the stuff out of me. You're a brave women! Remember that. If anyone can do it, you can.

...Mrs. Baker, Tschuss! said...

At least you're craving something affordable and that you can eat. All I want is a huge steak cooked rare and fried eggs with delicious runny yolks... oh wait that's what I wanted before I just can't eat lol

Trapper and Suzy said...

lol Awesome. Pad Thai. That is the best! I'm getting some on Saturday when my husband is out of town. : )

prettybaby said...

for me, being pregnant was unexplainable. almost every time i tried to tell someone how i felt they'd hand me a "get happy" book or look at me like i was an alien. i would like to get pregnant in a couple months and truthfully, i am terrified. maybe if my son wasn't so darn cute and sweet & didn't tell me things like "a lemon is chasing me!" i wouldn't want another one so badly.

you are incredible! xx

MaryPosa said...

Oh I love hearing about other people's cravings. Mine were all different as well. Here are mine: Baby 1 - Grapefruits, Sour Patch Kids, and anything sour or citrus-y. Baby 2 - Pasta. Lots and lots of Pasta. Baby 3 - Ummm... ridiculous amounts of sugar, chocolate, pastries and other sweet stuff.

Good luck, and chin up!

~Kimi~ said...

Baby 1: Pasta salad, all day every day.
Baby 2: Pasta salad, all day every day!

I had baby 2 in December, and my sister had her baby 3 that same month. We made a pact not to get pregnant this year, but already, I've forgotten the suffering, and I don't think I'm gonna make it!

joolee said...

so fun to meet you last night! and girl, you do NOT look pregnant at all. :)
i had weird cravings, but i realized they weren't so much cravings as the need to find something NEW to eat, since i was ALWAYS eating. i'd get bored of the same old stuff. my cravings? - ditto on the Wendy's chicken nuggets, instant potato pearls (ewww...but i STILL like them), Doritos (which i always avoided before. gross!), and Gatorade.

thank heavens my last pregnancy involved watermelon. a TON of it. at least one a week. :) crazy what babies do to you before they've even arrived. good luck with #4!