Monday, April 18, 2011

date night(s).

we seem to be coming across quite a few occasions to go out on the town. i've been having a lovely time eating like a piggy, though after several nights out in one week, i really miss my kids (as if i don't spend all day every day with them).

we've had pizza, mongolian grill, chinese, icecream, bowling fun, a chance to catch up with friends and even a movie rental. (anyone else stink at taking redbox back on time?).

i'd say the best of the dates has been the evening we spent with our dear friends we haven't seen in a while...
do these people look like skilled bowlers, or what?

"i'm living in the moment with the friends i love." -mason jennings

and we've one last date tonight to celebrate the official end of tax season with duke's coworkers. olive garden on the company ticket? okay, i guess we'll go out once more, but then it's back to family-night every night! hooray!


emily said...

LOVE mason jennings. LOVE date nights. LOVE bowling (because i am so bad at it). how fun.
and hooray for the end of tax season!

TheUnSoccerMom said...

I prefer Wii bowling. :o) My carpel tunnel takes a lot longer to act up and I can get in more frames. :o)

Here's to grown-up time and how it lets you appreciate your littles even more. :o)

Linzi said...

That's it! I'm coming to OR. I miss you all way too much...