Thursday, April 7, 2011

hey, sun.

hey, sun. remember that one day when you came out?

well, i've been thinking and i thought, well.. i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate you.

and if i did anything to offend you, i am so sorry.
i really like it when you're around.

actually, you should know that there are a lot of oregonians who would love for you to come and stay for a while.

whatever you decide just know that we love you, sun.

and we'll never take you for granted again, we promise.

ps- sun, there's this really goofy song that you might like, so i thought i'd share.


emily said...

the sun is lovely. and so are these photos.

kelly said...

these photos rock!

Trina said...

Where did you get that beautiful swimsuit?! We are wistfully longing for sunshine too. It's teasing us. One day out, the next couple hidden! Cruel!

Megan Marie said...

my swimsuit is a motherhood maternity suit that i found at a thrift store ;).

glad you enjoyed the pics and wishing sun for all of you!