Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Magical hair.

If I can't have magical hair that glows when I sing, I guess I'll settle for a mane that grows while my kids sleep.

They think it's pretty fantastic. (Duke doesn't mind so much either, considering long, red hair is his favorite on me.)

I saw this lookbook from "darling" and fell in love with all of it, but mostly with the model. (Is that weird?) Anyway, out came the trusty hair-extensions. They've helped me wage many battles with my stubbornly slow-growing hair.

Not perfectly what I want, but just the change I need to feel pretty again in this frumpy-baby-belly stage.


Staci said...

ugh i want long luscious red hair...:( You are beautiful!

Teresa said...

Hair extensions are amazing devices! That totally looks like your own, natural hair. Lovely!

Trapper and Suzy said...

Ooh! I wish I had some of that! It takes a million years to grow my hair out. I shall be cautious next time I think I need to go crazy and start chopping away. And Megan, your hair is always so lovely. I was just thinking the other day how well you pull off short hair. You can pull any look and look like you were just made for it. : )