Monday, April 4, 2011

the weekend... our weekend

Well, tax season officially ends two weeks from today. Which means I almost have my accountant husband back.

In our joint plot to keep our family from unraveling until then, we decided a weekend beach trip was just the ticket.

Usually we don't do anything on Sundays besides attending church, fulfilling our specific responsibilities in our church assignments, and leisurely enjoying our family, wanting very much to keep the Sabbath day holy but this weekend it felt like the right thing to do. I guess the mounting chaos of our responsibilities was keeping us from full worship and gratitude for the day set aside for rest.

[To learn more about what we believe regarding Sunday worship, you can watch this talk given over the weekend by an Apostle in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Skipping ahead to 02:00).]

Saturday evening was a slightly different story... Duke went to Moe's for take-out while we tried to relax at the hotel. Can I just say, at first I was a little irritated that upon our arrival with children in tow they stuck us in an isolated corner of the hotel, furthest from the lobby or any other guests, in a room that had experienced obvious kid-inflicted-trauma. At first. By the time we cleaned up a giant clam-chowder mishap (involving burns all over my right arm), took care of the wet pee spot on the mattress, picked up all the shards from a broken glass, and finally got the screaming to stop and the kids to sleep, I was very, very glad of the isolation.

I hate admitting that we are those people. But we are those people. Have some compassion, you might be next.

Ok, that shared, back to our beautiful Sunday in pictures...

Now uplifted by both the words of the leaders of our church shared over the weekend's general conference and the companionship of daddy for an entire day, I think our family will make it through the next couple of weeks just fine.

PS- I loved this talk given about many incredible women of today. ;)


Scott and Stacia said...

What a fun Weekend!! Sometimes we all need a break during the busy times. Also, Congrats on the pregnancy!! (I have not read blogs since January...I always miss the announcements) We are excited for you guys!

MaryPosa said...

Oh, I love Moe's, and also the coast. I'm so glad you got to have a lovely little getaway. I wish we lived near each other. Your tax season sounds like my basketball season. :) We could totally commiserate together

joolee said...

hang in there! we're on the countdown to the end of tax season son cries himself to sleep when daddy's not here to wrestle with him before bedtime. guess "wrestling" with me is just not the same thing. :)