Sunday, May 8, 2011

clothed and fed

I have the same problem dressing myself in the morning as I do cooking dinner at night.

There are ingredients to be found, none that go together. Because I have been such a faithful thrift-store shopper through the years, I have an excess of eccentric elements, and no unity. I have hamburger buns and noodles, you know? Does this resonate with anyone?

So the other day I was pondering this conundrum while in the shower when suddenly the water ran freezing cold. I was covered in soap-suds.

OK, now I'm taking a tangent to talk about the pictures I'm posting here. We took the kids to see the Silverton Reservoir and accompanying dam. They made up a song that they would not stop singing. The lyrics; "DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM DAM."

I don't know what just made me think of their song, but anyway, back to the cold shower story. Turns out that I'd started both the dishes and laundry just before stepping into the shower. "FOOD and CLOTHING!" I thought, "You've done it again, and now I hate you more."

Duke came home early from work to find me wrapped in a blanket shivering on the couch, trying my best to be in a good mood. He did what he always does when I'm sad and he has a surprise for later. He gave me my mothers day present early (I can't tell you how many gifts I've opened early). Among the sweet gifts was a shopping spree he'd been saving to offer me.

Now I have a different problem getting dressed in the morning. It's like right after you go BIG grocery shopping and you want to make EVERY good meal you've got planned for the next couple of weeks because they all sound so good.

I wanted to tell you this because...

1. I didn't want to flaunt my new wares in pictures like it's nothing. I want you to know how I really live. I want you to know that frugality and self-limitation in spending is worth every penny saved. Thinking about the financial future is under-rated. I just don't ever want to send the message that little, personal wants have priority over the needs of later days. My neat clothes were a long-time coming in a new-marriage with pregnancies galore, and the wait was worth the peace of mind I have knowing that we've saved and can actually afford it.

2. I am really excited and I love my sweet husband! This is as close to shouting-it-on-the-rooftops as I can imagine.

I am an avid proponent of the provident lifestyle.

Clothed. Fed. Sleeping soundly at night.

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Crystal said...

i also do not have any outfits as I 'shop' at swaps! love that belly!