Tuesday, May 10, 2011

endearing or annoying?

I've decided that so many of the things my kids do can either be endearing or annoying, but that the sorting of these events can be entirely chalked up to my attitude...

Here are some sortable events...

*I realize my camera lens has a soft-focus effect caused by boogers on the glass.
*I trip over thread unraveled and wrapped around all the furniture legs.
*One child comes to me saying, "mom, my tummy hurts." When I ask why, he replies, "because I've been drinking the ranch."
*I come across the vegetables from our garden, prematurely picked, nibbled and spit-out.
*They tell me I am getting fatter.

I have also realized that my attitude is highly dependent on two factors...

1. Did I get enough sleep last night?
2. Is the house clean when the day begins?

In conclusion, I assert that..

My kids become incredibly cute, spunky, hilarious, and wonderful when Duke and I make a greater effort to watch less TV shows at night, instead tidying the house and retiring to bed to chat, spend time together, and fall asleep at a decent hour.

Also, this small effort produces similar results in the way Duke and I see one another, if you can imagine.


kelly said...

i couldn't have said it better myself! It is the very same for us.

joolee said...

ditto. you said it. we watch little to no TV at night, but that's when i usually stay up late reading...i need to do less of that and sleep more.

and yes, isn't it just lovely when your kiddos tell you you're getting fat? (meant w/sarcasm). there's a saying between travis and i - we tell each other to "raise your eyebrows" when something bugs or annoys us. you CANNOT yell or be angry at your kids when your eyebrows are raised. it's impossible. try it! i probably look like an idiot because i do it so often... :)

She Loves The Color Pink said...

This is so true! I need to be better about having the house clean, or at least organized, before I get to bed. I wake up in the morning already annoyed and stressed and it's nobody's fault but my own!

Rachel and Todd said...

Oh my goodness, Megan! I feel the EXACT same way. Why don't I have self control sometimes and just shut the laptop/turn off the show/stop eating the cookies, and clean up, chat with Todd, and get to bed. Oh, if I could only turn the "indulge yourself because you deserve it or because you can't bring yourself to do one more thing" button off my house would almost always be a happier place.

Can I promise you I'll do better tonight?

P.S. I love your uplifting posts and photographs! Thanks, online friend!

Mrs N said...

Look! I'm actually commenting! ha ha

This post is so timely for me. This past week my husband was gone for work for four days. The bad days alternated with the good days, and the amount of sleep I got directly correlated to which way a day went! On the bad days I could SWEAR that my kids are naughtier, but I have a sneaking suspicion the only one different is me.

you can call me aunt choody said...

I hear you.