Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grandmas far and near.

Mothers day has me pondering the blessings brought to our family through loving Grandmothers. The boys are fortunate to have two, lovely Grandmas who would both dodge traffic to give them a hug on the other side of a road.

Grandma Re lives in Nevada, and although the distance is less-than-desirable, we make it work because we are family and we love each other very much. In these two photos you will spot Sparky's favorite pal (who is in serious need of a good laundering) given to him by his Grandma Re when he was a tiny babe.

Thank heaven for skype. We are fortunate enough to be able to talk online about once a week to a Grandma that laughs at all their new jokes and claps for their new tricks. We sure love our Grandma Re.

When Duke and I left Oregon for college we always hoped to come back upon graduation, and we are so glad that move worked into the plan. The boys are so happy to have their other Grandma so close by. My mom has been commuting to work for several years, causing her leisure time to be brief, but we are happy to announce that she has taken a new job that allows her to work from home (or the park). Oh joy!

So some days we get to escape with Grandma to the ice-cream parlor.

(Fitz was done with his ice-cream before anyone was half-finished and I had to pull the paper-cup-thing, from the bottom of the cone, out of his mouth while he screamed in outrage. Don't we all scream for ice-cream?)

Yes, we love both of our Grandmas VERY much.

I hope that mothers and grandmothers everywhere are realizing what a marvelous opportunity they have to raise up loved children. I also hope they are receiving thanks where thanks is due (but if not, may the joy of the job be reward enough).

Hooray for motherhood, throughout all the stages of life, and for the babies we love.

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Brieanna said...

I can't tell you enough how much I admire your positivity, generosity, and and all around sunny disposition. I have been taking motherhood for granted lately--feeling overwhelmed with boredom and loneliness from the lack of adult interaction that my stay-at-home mother status has created, but you always remind me to lighten up. This post really makes me think that I need to reach out to the two wonderful grandmothers that Ella has as well. I'm so glad that your mom is now around more, her presence has always been missed. As for you my dear, I'm so glad you're feeling better and as always, you rock!