Wednesday, May 18, 2011

greens and blues.

Green earth with blue sky was a good idea.

We made cake for the ducks (butter and bread sandwiches with marshmallows in the middle) and sang them a "happy hatch-day" song. Iggy even made them an egg-shaped card.

The rain came half-way through our walk and we ran, and laughed, and ran. It was an adventure.

All the while we were surrounded by stunning green and blue creations.



TheUnSoccerMom said...

I do believe the last picture is my favorite. :o)

teamcowan said...

You guys seem to have great adventures! I'm a little too comfy at home with my boys. But it's also a little too chilly here to get out much.

Green and blue always make me think of this song:
Do you know of Jaymay? You'd love her.

Teresa said...

Are those also Happy Hatch Day headbands you're wearing? I love how you love life. Whenever I read about your adventures, I think about how blessed those boys are to have you as their momma. Heavenly Father must be very pleased with how well you are raising his sons, and teaching them to enjoy God's beautiful creations. You inspire me!

Elizabeth said...

You guys are always having such fun! I love the cute ideas! :) And your pictures are amazing. Seriously. :) I love the greens of Oregon. I don't think I can ever leave now. :)

Gulzar said...

I'm nearly coming to your blog after eons. I love how your boys have grown up and love your family from the bottom of my heart.

They are all so sweet. God bless em all.

Its wonderful to see how you are bringing em up.

love from this side of the world.

Warm wishes

prettybaby said...

i love getting caught in the rain, sounds so cliche! but i really do. i mean, not so much when there's a boatload of lightning but still. what great photos, such memories. xx