Wednesday, May 4, 2011

off the beaten path.

10 things we look for in a park...

1. Must be scarcely used by other people so that we can take our pants off and run around half-naked.

2. Must have a large body of water for rock throwing.

(The best is when there is a tiny trail leading to the water that provides some sort-of "oooo, awe" moment when we turn a bend or come to the top of a hill.)

3. Mud is quite desirable.

5. Somewhat clean picnic tables and plentiful garbage cans (for sneaker-diapers) are preferred.

6. Scenes that take our breath away, please.

7. Interesting trails that lead through downed trees and patches of mud that form little-boy style obstacle courses.

8. Tall trees, winding paths, and bushes that might possibly be poison-ivy to add an element of danger to a hike.

(Passing through subtle fright together seems to bring us so much closer.)

9. Is it too much to ask that the park has slides and all that stuff that kids beg for, too? Apparently not in Oregon!

10. Any good park must offer some sort-of NEW adventure. This park has occupied gofer-holes. Right on.

Spongs Landing. Try it sometime.

(PS- Periodically we like the parks with pavement and plentiful playmates, too. But not presently.)


Trina said...

That is a magnificent park!

She Loves The Color Pink said...

What a great place to play! I love the underwear and cowboy boots lol.