Monday, May 16, 2011

speaking of dreams.

My little sister is a singer with the most beautiful voice. That, coupled with her incredible charm, landed her a voice-lesson scholarship, presented by an adorable community choir.

I remember when I used to get irritated and tease that ten-year-old girl for singing to choir tapes. SO glad she didn't listen to me.

That Sunday choir concert reminded me that no one group has cornered the market on human decency. Often we run in our own circles and only notice the negativity on the outside. We don't go looking for compassion and love once we've found it in a group of people, our group of people, but it exists everywhere. To witness it, we need to go new places with our eyes open.

The quirky choir, composed almost entirely of ladies over 70, cheerfully sang songs like "fireflies" by Owl City and Queen's "we will rock you." It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. They figuratively wrapped their arms around Tamsin, saying the most wonderful things about her.

Sitting a few seats down from us was an older couple patroning the performance. The seat in front of them was occupied by a very enthusiastic woman with down syndrome, sitting alone. Through the concert she sang along and then meekly looked around for someone to share her joy. At one point she put her arm on the chair-back of the seat beside her. The woman behind her quietly took her hand, patting it softly. They held hands through the concert, a gesture of love witnessed by only a few. I felt privileged to be with such marvelous people.

I ask myself why I don't go looking more often for the love in this world. Since I can't answer myself, but I can think of plenty of reasons why I should seek out this goodness, I've decided to make an effort.

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