Tuesday, May 31, 2011

train leaving gray

You must love Mason Jennings. Ok, it's not a must, but I hope you have at least sampled the world he spins in song. So many scenes of my young, married life and new motherhood joy bring me back to his music.

I must hear "train leaving gray" after I catch my children smiling in their sleep.

Another of his songs that just fits right now is "ballad for my one true love."

Since life can't possibly be any sweeter, I'll post gratitude, gratitude, gratitude to my Father who led me through my youth to the desires of my heart.

I also know that things can't possibly stay this sweet, consistently, for the rest of life so I will savor this season, recording it in my heart.


joolee said...

megan, these are such precious photos!! absolutely priceless. my kiddos usually wake up when they hear the snap of the camera...

Mike said...

for cory grant to see this will give him goosebumps because these kids are extremely cute, if you agree with me

emily said...

but i do love mason.