Monday, June 27, 2011

developing magic.

Moments before we arrived at the photography store, I looked down to see Sparky unraveling a roll of film. I was irritated, but then I thought, "why wouldn't he? How would he know anything about film if I've not taught him?" Even with old, 35mm film cameras he pretends to take a picture and shows me the back afterward as if the picture will appear, saying, "look at how nice that one was, mom."

Thankfully I stuffed the exposed roll in my purse just in time to save a few gems. I can't help loving the lady at the shutterbug who watched the boys for a second while I wound it back tight in the dark-room.

I really forgot how much I love film.

Maybe I love the danger involved. We could lose every moment if the settings are wrong. (Or if kids meddle a bit.)

Maybe it's the mystery. What was on that roll? I forget.

Maybe it's because Duke and my dating days were almost entirely consumed in film development. There was hardly a week that went by without an attached roll of film. And since we worked at a photography store, the whole process was in our hands.

I am thankful that I was born when I was; that I experienced the joy of film before falling in with the convenience of digital.

I think fondly of the time I spent behind a counter, watching as people excitedly opened their pictures, not knowing what to expect. Sometimes they were disappointed, but mostly they laughed and smiled over forgotten moments, captured as if by magic.

Magic. Yes, that's exactly the reason that I love film.

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joolee said...

it IS magical, isn't it? once in awhile we'll find a roll that we've misplaced and forgotten. it's such a fun surprise! in fact, i think there's a roll in our "junk drawer" as we speak...